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Addiction, Alternatives & Advice

I recently was asked a question from a friend who's looking to eliminate sugar (and gluten) from her life, asking what I would recommend or advise to someone starting out on this cleanse.  So I thought I would write a blog entry to give any recommendations or tips on this subject because I know that sugar is in EVERYTHING that most people are buying (even things seemingly innocuous like dressings, condiments, salsas, etc.), and that can make people feel like it'd be difficult to quit sugar (it's not - there's always an alternative :)).  Plus, this is a multi-dimensional subject that actually spans so much more than just what you're eating, but also how you're thinking, how you regard "activities" or "working out", your relationship with yourself and food, etc. (but we'll get into that - maybe not in this blog entry so much, but definitely soon).
When we moved out west after my six months in The Bathtub™, my husband's sister had gone …